About Us

Hi there, am Emma a.k.a Steve. I have a love for Entrepreneurship, Writing/Reading and personal development; including mental and physical fitness. I began experimenting with all forms of E-commerce including dropshipping until I finally made my first successful store with a friend who custom built an Ecommerce store; where we sold products I was already used to selling physically. It took a while; worked on my marketing; and finally saw changes. And noticed 10x increase in sales; my interest in the game peaked. I had already gotten used to using Twitter as a diary especially the “Money twitter” side where everyone is working on their Wealth, Health, Fitness, and Personal Growth. At many times; I’ve been challenged to START something online and inspired by the likes of Julian Shapiro, Tim Ferris who writes/talk (podcasts) about habits and mental models.

Why WinRoad?

Instead of focusing solely on twitter; i thought “Why not gather my thoughts and share them on a platform I have more control of?” This is why WinRoad was built; to help Entrepreneurs grow their wealth and craft without neglecting their bodies. I cover topics that range from: Growth | Money | E-commerce | Habits | Lifestyle| to Mental & Physical fitness.


We're likely to earn a commission for any product we promote on this site; which would help in the maintenance of the site.