College Secrets in Nigeria is a systematic approach on how to achieve, sustain, maintain, and replicate academic success in school. Product format: PDF Ebook


Over the past 1 year, I set out to discover the secrets to make good grades in School.

 First the backstory: Last year, immediately after graduation from Pharmacy I thought it was time to have my own online business.

IT WAS TARGETED TOWARDS STUDENTS. They were buying my products and I loved it; as I was helping a lot of students check their results. 

To my surprise, the same students after checking their results would find my contact and start asking me 

“how can I upgrade my results?” 

How can I do better in school?” 

My answer has always been “study.” But the questions kept coming that a one-liner generic answer would no longer do. 

So I set out to make an Ebook which these students can read to prepare them for college and also do better than their peers while in school. 

We teamed up in making this Research and came up with an Ebook on how students can  do well in school, develop solid habits that would help them excel in various Tertiary institutions called College Secrets in Nigeria, Vol. 1. 

College Secrets in Nigeria is a systematic approach on how to achieve, sustain, maintain, and replicate academic success in school.


Akafa Success 

I think this book is a great book and I also believe that it will go a long way in aiding students aspiring to succeed in their various tertiary institutions understand their different college personality types, the college world and how to follow certain principles or precepts that can aid their success. I will gift my younger sister who just gained admission into a university this book to inspire her.

Friday Kadiri

My joy is that this book meets me at the right time I'm beginning my first year rather than having gone very far before discovering these tips for college success.

I will do well to share for my loved ones.

How nice it will be if JAMB makes this a text because this will compel every college candidate at large, to read this for their good.

Thanks to the writer, I anticipate for volume 3 and more.

Naomi Yohanna

I think the book is actually Nice

And every student, undergraduate, even jambites should have a copy as it helps to give more light on how to achieve success in school,it is a must read I must say.

Sunday Ukete

The book is inspiring: _Rudiments begets principles that guides success_ .

Nathan Mafulul

Amazing stuffs there, I like it, especially those college personalities 👍.

Ahh, Company!

Are they vagabonds or visionaries,deep One here.

College Me and Rudiments absolutely!

"Success is not ambition/desire" definitely I love this Line!

These are stuffs one needs for the journey ahead really.