Fitness Cores: Path to an Awesome Health

Fitness Cores: Path to an Awesome Health



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I started my first health training on a Whatsapp group with less than 20 interested persons.

I sent newsletters daily  to this members while they communicated on Whatsapp.

After the period, keeping accountability, learning more, asking questions – most were healthier and fitter than they could remember.

Today, those newsletters have been combined and REVISED to form a BOOK.

The Book would no longer transform just 20 people on whatsapp but a wide variety of people all over Nigeria and beyond which you can become part of.

I’m a firm believer that what you eat & your lifestyle has a profound impact on your health in general, how you feel and your resistance to illness; whether you are on drugs or not.

I call them the CORES which are basically the fundamentals of sustaining a healthy body which we’ll cover in this book:

Diet, including how minimize snacking,





Eustress including hot baths/saunas, cold showers

Removing toxins and

Meaningful work – having a purpose in life,.

Your physical health is your responsibility.

Not the government

Not your parents

Not the food industry

Blaming others only shrinks your power, control and influence; grows weakness.

Taking responsibility expands ALL. So you got more power to make a difference.


While this is no medical advice to replace one-on-one contact with your physician, I hope you find most ideas relatable and practical in your daily living.

In this book, Ill show you the Cores which I've come to find out about and want to share freely which affect health like a big rock and are foundational  which if ignored no matter what other advanced techniques you apply will still largely play a role in detriment to good health.

Look, the best part of being in shape isn't just looking good; its the vibrant energy that comes from a high performing body, clear mind and healthy self-image.

Think about it, if getting your body in shape and in good health meant that your children would be healthy…would you do it?

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