5 ways to stop Self-sabotaging your success

5 ways to stop Self-sabotaging your success

Building wealth & becoming successful  in what you do starts first as a mindset thing. 

You’ve got to win first in your mind before it comes a reality. 

The longest route to success is a shortcut. 

Most people think the only people that take shortcuts are Scammers. Allow me burst your bubble 

You take the easy route and expect easy wins when you engage in sabotaging behaviours: 

What are sabotaging behaviors? 

You self-sabotage when you: 

1) Don’t listen to your guts 

2) Compare yourself with others. 

3) Become inconsistent and don’t show up daily. 

4) Network only with people instead of Build Real relationships. 

5) Become inpatient in life 

6) Refuse to work hard 

7) Sleep in instead of getting up to begin a productive day after a full night rest. 

8) Eat junk instead of looking for Real & nutritious foods. 

9) Never seek advice/Coaching/mentorship from people ahead of you. 

10) Speak more than you listen – this is literally a backward move if you want to learn more from people. 

11) Spend more than you can afford.

 This is not an all-inclusive list; but those are literally what is keeping you down. 

How do I stop self-sabotaging my success?

So how exactly can you stop self-sabotaging yourself & success?  

1. Trust the Process 

This works no matter what stage you are. Already achieving your dreams or about to take the leap. 

Most people think success is fully linear and can be fully predicted. 

The man that sells cars is more likely to be richer than one selling a common item like books. 

But it doesn’t always happen that way. 

The key to success is to trust the process. 

Jeff Bezos quit his high paying job to start a company from selling books to creating one of the world’s largest online store – Amazon. 

Could anybody including himself predict Amazon’s success from start? I doubt much. 

2. Listen to your guts

Bezoz listened to his guts by quitting his high paying job to follow his heart and fully trust the process by putting in the work & showing up daily. 

I for example have been building my Ecommerce brand via paid PPC Google ads. If you research or follow a Recommendation to follow a bidding strategy – your ad starts a process of ‘learning.’  It may take some time than usual to pick your budget and start generating results. Sometimes to get perfect results, you might have to wait 3 months. 

But if you refuse to trust the process and want to get quick results by changing your bidding strategy anyhow, the advertising system punishes you by decreasing your quality score further and charging you 2-3x more than usual. 

3. Focus on the Right steps to reach your goals

Right team/mentorship/coaching

Right habits – show up daily.

Become a leader - instead of just a manager in your life. 

"It takes courage to stop dealing only with pressing, urgent matters right in front of you that give you sense of immediate accomplishment and focus more on strategy and what’s really important. If you’re thinking of control, efficiency, rules instead of direction, purpose and genuine feelings you’re caught up in the management trap even in handling your children. 

4. Stay Positive 

No matter how life gets hard – don’t get swayed by the waves. 

It takes same effort to focus on success than on failures. 

Your mind grows with what you feed it. 

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.

5. Do you. Stop comparing yourself with others

The only person you should compare yourself with is who you were yesterday. 

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