Are generous people more attractive?

Are generous people more attractive?

There’s something attractive about being a Giver. It’s the reason people like to be around them.

It’s their abundance mentality and possibility mindset that makes people love to associate with them.  

Take for example the study by Konrath and Femida Handy in Indiana University that confirms givers as seen to be more attractive:

They examined peoples giving behavior and compared them to their physical attractiveness rating and there was remarkable consistently in these ratings. 

They concluded that “people who are perceived as more attractive are more likely to give and givers are seen as more attractive.” 

There are givers and takers in life.

Unlike being a giver; it’s easy to be a taker: Feel entitled, use up what you have disproportionately and always asking for more.

But the hard truth is people would tolerate Takers only to a point. 

Being a taker would only make life miserable for people around you; as they’ll always be complaining and murmuring about your attitude even behind you back. 

The abundance mentality givers have is what works for their favour. 

Why is Generosity important in life? 

Givers never lack

It sounds counterintuitive - when you keep giving it’s expected that you should start lacking at a point. 

But it turns out true givers hardly get to the point of lack. While they’re known for giving and helping others, the irony is they’re also helping themselves. 

The attitude they possess teaches them how not to just use their resources more appropriately than others but also how to keep multiplying their wealth to greater heights. 

To be a giver – the well of water which you dig from must be deep enough which for me is having the right and proper foundation. 

Givers are the happiest 

Increase your happiness by giving. Giving is on the other side of entitlement and increases your happiness as it increases your sense of worth and fulfillment. 

Giving increases contentment and inner joy 

Real contentment is not the state of your bank account but the state of your heart. 

When you give you show a sense of control on your resources and it gives a sense of contentment with what you have instead of looking for more at that moment. 

How can I be generous without money?

In case you think I’m referring to only money – givers realize you don’t just give with money; but with other currencies worth more than money. 

1) Give your Time 

People who are only available when they need you are nothing but takers.  You gotta develop the habit of being there for people when they need you. 

Give your time to your loved ones. Give your time to those who value it.  

I like the “five minutes favour rule” - “You should be willing to do something that will take you five minutes or less for anybody.”

2) Be a Support 

The most enjoyable relationships are relationships where no partner is dependent on another. 

Always think of how you can add value to others lives –simply by being considerate and attentive to the needs and concerns of others.  

3) Build others:

Do you remember how you finally learned a skill you wanted to learn so badly? Mostly likely you learned it from someone either physically or digitally through a course whether paid or not.  

When you teach others – you implant a seed in them that can sprout to unimaginable heights.  That’s why we read books, watch informational youtube videos, buy courses etc.  

4) Be of Service 

At a point when I was the most selfish in my life – someone advised me to focus on service towards others and it changed my life. I was looking at life by eliminating whatever stressed me out but he was viewing life through the lens of service towards humanity.  

Through service you can help those who can’t help themselves – that why various volunteering services such as Red Cross and establishments like hospitals, the Army, Navy, and all military organizations exist.  

5) Gratitude 

Giving is a mindset thing. Once you have a mindset of giving; it doesn’t matter how small it is – you can give small things like a smile, a thank you or any small token to show gratitude. 

Gratitude costs nothing yet many people choose to dwell on an awful past when you can be grateful for today. 

6) Help others 

Helping people is at the core of all givers mentality. There are few people we know we could always reach out for help. Its different from taking responsibility for others. It’s doing the best you can to transform the lives of others and make a difference. 

7) Share with others 

When you view life with an abundance mindset – you love to share what you have with others. You don’t want to eat alone when you neighbor has nothing.

Sharing is the attitude we should start cultivating early in our children – so they find it natural to share what they have with their peers. Giving gives you more than getting can ever get you.  

8) Mentorship 

It’s not enough to be good at what you do – but if you pass without impacting on anybody’s lives you never really succeeded.

 It’s important we’re proactive about mentorship by identifying people willing to learn and building structures for such people to easily learn from us without it affecting our mental health. 

9) Positive Energy - 

There’s a dull and negative energy you hold when you’re only expecting to receive from others. Contrary to the positive and bright energy givers radiate because they possess more confidence, gratitude and attractiveness.

 You attract the energy that you give off. Giving is how you attract positive energy from the universe. Put a smile on someone’s face. 

Be a giver - give your time, care, attention, appreciation.

Givers are attractive!

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