How do you give back to the world?

How do you give back to the world?

Life doesn't just consist of what you have. It also consists of helping others. No matter what you achieve to find more purpose and happiness; you'd always be thinking of how you could give back to the world.  

"Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping because giving gives you purpose. When you have a purpose-driven life, you’re a happier person" — Goldie Hawn

Here are ways you could learn to help and give back from Real people & friends all over the world on how they’re giving back: 

1) Help your community

"Then help your State

Then help your country

Then start helping globally

Find out what would help out the people and their needs."

2) Be Polite: 

“I try to be polite to everyone. Hopefully they will pass it on. I do pick up trash when I see it. I go out of my way to recycle.”

“I like to look for ways, holding a door open, letting someone with fewer items ahead of me in line, putting my cart in the cart thing...”

3) Keep Giving 

“Keep studying and learning what the world is all about. Give what I can afford to make it a world of happy, godly, peaceful people.”

“Give of yourself and what you have”

4) Be the best version of yourself 

“By giving your best of truly who you are. Character is everything when people are not looking more than when they’re are.”

By just doing what you do, cause no one is able to be you

Another responder gave a detailed response on being the best version of yourself: 

“Every day we have a chance to make the world better through our interactions with other humans. Every day we have a chance to give back by creating a supportive and motivating environment, and empower others. You changing one life, can change a thousand.

5) Doing your best always 

“Doing the best you can in every role you play! Be happy NOW! Happiness is contagious and rubs off and magnetic.”

You can also give back by doing your best through your lifestyle and career. 

“By receiving goodness and returning it back to the world. My lifestyle, speaking, coaching, writing and encouraging daily.”

6) Being kind

Being kind to Everyone. “Helping who I can, when I can, and how I can.”

Another responder broke it down into details starting from a smile: 

“Where ever you go, Love people right where they're at. Even in small stranger looks like they're having a hard day, say something kind/ uplifting or a smile, an act of kindness. It could be best thing to happen to them in a while.”

7) Give back through your Job or Career 

If you work in the health care especially during the pre and post-Pandemic, you know doing what you do is beyond a hazard allowance:  

“My job. I work in healthcare and have daily patient contact.” 

To others is through music: 

“Musical cheer for now. Shifting into less words more action.”

8) Do more no matter how small

This one is really touching, covering almost all forms of kindness: 

“I sponsor a child on Ecuador.

I share my veggies from my garden with all my neighbors and even people I dont know.

I give to people sitting on the side of the road with signs to help.

I gave my car to a girl in need.

I buy gift cards and school supplies for people dont have enough money.

I donate to the salvation army thrift store.

Not much but it's a start”

A little way to do more in a short sentence “doing what you can…when you can...”

9) Pay it forward 

“Pay it forward.. do something nice for 3 people, when they want to repay you.. you tell them to pay it forward..”

Here’s a story that really explains how you can pay it forward through Compliments: 

“I never give back - I consistently pay it forward. You can change a person's day with one compliment.

I complimented a woman on her beautiful, full perfectly white hair while she was trying on sandals in a store. I complimented one in her selection saying that she will be one sassy lady. Turns our that her husband died the previous day and the shoes were for his funeral.

She thanked me for taking time to speak with "this old lady"... as much as I may have touched her heart, I think that my own heart grew 3 sizes”

10) Make a difference 

Aspire to make a difference in people's life

11) Train others 

“Hire people, train them to improve their life, then help them launch to the next level.”

Another way to train others is through mentoring. Mentor. Leave a legacy behind.

12) Sharing & donating

Sharing is love. You can share what you have. You can share from your excesses & reserves; you can share from your “widows mite.”  

You can also share books, a responder posted this that really touched me: 

“By creating a page it's called #LibrengLibro (FREE BOOKS). It's where people donate their unused books, that can still be use by those who don't have money to buy books. Due to COVID19, there's no physical interactions. I post the books, they choose and they received it. I had my first sponsor last night by surrise, coz' there are actually people who doesn't have anything to pay for the delivery of their books. And, 'twas an answered prayer. We're still new.. but who knows? Tomorrow, I will be sending my 3rd set of books.. it's always from South to way, way, way North.

I'm doing this because I'm on Brain Cancer remission, and because I know how it feels to have nothing.

I thank GOD for the many chances. And, now knowing my purpose. I pray to you who's reading this, by GODs grace, you'll find your purpose too.”

Remember, sharing is caring.

13) Raising kids 

By raising great kids who are productive, self-sufficient and nice!

A responder gave this hit one liner “Raising good kids, productive, kind”

14) Volunteering 

Volunteering is another way to give back. You can volunteer in your church, working place, or a non-profit organization.

15) Writing 

I believe in the power of words. 

Remember, if you don’t want to be forgotten as soon as you’re dead and rotten; either write things worth reading or do things worth reading.

These are the little ways you can learn to start giving back to your society; if you have any other ways you're helping others and want to share, kindly email our editing team at and your story or contribution would be added to the blog. 

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