How Reading can change your life

How Reading can change your life

How did you start reading as a habit? For me it was at a later stage in my life as I was always busy during childhood working and helping my parents provide source of income; the only books I knew was school books required to pass exam. 

I found books later in life and decided to improve my life right away; and have used it as a medium to connect with other like minds

1. Learning new things 

Reading as a habit is the easiest way to learn new things for pennies. 

You could learn new ideas, new words, more vocabulary, new concepts, you could never have thought of just by reading. 

Through reading a newbie can learn to invest in stocks 

Get knowledgeable in various topics and choose books that fits such interests. 

That’s the reason people who read a lot, are more diverse in knowledge than people who don’t. 

2. Advance Your Knowledge and skills 

Reading books can help you extend your knowledge/skills to more advanced levels. 

It’s a form of Education and growth. 

3. Boost your Confidence 

Confidence increases with competence. 

The more knowledgeable you are, the more competent you can be. Reading can improve the knowledge you have in your field and interest making you more competent so you can compete better with any of your peers.

Reading can also help you have a better understanding of the world  

4. Become a better version of yourself 

By learning from various Authors, Experts and Professionals in various fields not just from their successes but also from their failures (which is a better teacher) you can become a better person. 

Reading can also increase your self-awareness which would greatly improve your attitude and self-development. 

With reading as a habit, you can literally see yourself changing for good through time. 

You can become a better and happier person. 

5. Become a Leader 

Readers are leaders. 

Through virtues like honesty, courage which you can learn from books you can become a better leader. 

Leaders are life-time learners. 

6. Reading is amongst the best ways to spend your Leisure and make good use of your spare time 

One reason must successful people read are because it’s of the best of use of their spare time. 

What you do at your leisure time can determine the difference between you and the average. 

7. Reading is a form of Relaxation and meditation 

Reading is one of the most enjoyable past time there is e.g. fiction books. 

You can even read just for the play of words e.g. poetry. 

Stranded in the Airport – Read 

Less work at the office – Read 

Home during lockdown – Read 

8. Learn better from Reading than TV/socials 

Majority of programs/features on TV/social media is largely for entertainment purpose. 

While there’s time for everything, you can gain a wealth of knowledge than you can from socials/TV/radio through reading. 

One of the reasons you learn better through reading is how much of your brain you use while reading compared to other media types. 

Most of the information have to be imagined and interpreted by you the reader while reading before comprehension. 

9. For Entertainment 

If you’re more for entertainment which reading may be less of. 

Fiction books are for you. Science fiction is also another rising genre of books that can be entertaining even for nerds and science lovers. 

10. Become Healthier 

You can learn to understand your body and mind better through reading. 

It’s way beyond going on a diet. 

More people have found out the detriments of sugar, processed foods, and unnecessary stress through reading. 

As usual, I asked a couple of Real people all over the world the same question and got some personal stories on why they started reading and got many response including some that used it as an escape route: 

“Because I was bored at home all the time – as a teenager. When I discovered the world of fiction, it was like entering a new universe.” 

“To increase my knowledge so that I could understand myself and lead to my growth.” 

“The library saved my life as a child. Reading gave me escape from my hell hole life.” 

“To distract my story and shift it into the desirable one.” 

“Because I like reading, learning, going to the library and that is what you did in the 50s and 60s.” 

“Because it took me places I had never been and opened my mind to new things! 

“My grandma encouraged me and from there the love grew.” 

 “I stumbled on a set of Harvard Classics in college, it had a 15 minute/day guide to get through all the great works. I’d done a lot of pleasure reading up till then, and the kind of reading you “have” to do for work or school, but that was the first time I started doing it as an intentional way to just gain some sort of general self-improvement.”

“It was taught to me by my mom, grandparents and siblings and I always loved the way I could see myself in the story being read and then I just liked the connection with the characters and places so I continued with it on my own.” 

“It was and is still my best mode of transportation to a different time and place.” 

What's your story? How did you start reading as a habit? Send us an email to

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