How to Bounce Back After Hitting Rock Bottom - 10 practical tips

How to Bounce Back After Hitting Rock Bottom - 10 practical tips

Have you ever hit Rock bottom? 

It could be depression and not feeling like doing any stuff anymore but cry, or getting to a helpless state of addiction and it doesn’t feel like there’s hope. 

Rock bottom can be a point of complete ruin or complete turnaround in an aspect of one’s life. It’s usually a smash people tend never to forget it. 

Sometimes, it comes like a shocker and totally unexpected e.g. the death of a loved one from accident or sudden illness, or getting fired from a job for no justifiable reason.  

That’s rock bottom, when you feel like you’ve had it up to here ‘cause you mad enough to scream, but you sad enough to tear.’

Eminem – Rock bottom 

The question is “do you have to wait until you hit rock bottom before making a turn around?” 

The unexamined life is not worth living - Socrates

That’s why it is important to constantly reevaluate your life on any aspect you feel is dwindling down especially to a point where you think you no longer have control. 

Sometimes we need to hit rock bottom or feel super low to wake up. But when we weigh the consequences, you realize you didn’t have to go through all the pain. 

Red flags

Chances are that before you hit rock bottom there were red flags and warning signs all over you could hardly ignore. 

Yes. Everybody warned her about her bad spending habits before she found herself completely broke to the extent of sleeping on the street with nothing but debt to her name.  

You can take back control

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your health, attitude, battle with any form of addiction such as pornography or relationships. 

The power still lies in our hands. We can take back control of what we put in our bodies (healthwise), what we say, how we say it and act (attitude), regain our willpower (towards addictions), restore or end toxic ones (in our relationships).

Is Ignorance bliss?

To be honest, as an avid reader, I’ve always believed that 90% of our problems are as a result of ignorance and misinformation which is true to an extent. 

But no matter how much you know, if you’re not willing to act especially change your habits don’t be surprised how much you keep falling and even get to rock bottom.

Nobody leaves the lowest point of their lives by accident. 

We can only start to improve when we start making efforts to do so. 

Whatever Rock Bottom is for you, it is a place you don’t want to be and the sooner you start getting out of it, the better.

There got to be a shift in what you choose to tolerate no more. That’s when you make that decision for a change.  When you realize nobody is coming to save you.

The key is to make the decision when you still have a chance. Not waiting for life circumstances to force you towards making this change.

Repeated actions form into habits – so decide to create healthy habits and routines that lead you closer to your goals rather than create stress and guilt.

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Rock bottom will teach you lessons the mountain tops never could!

Whether your rock bottom is self-inflicted or by accident; if you use the opportunity as a learning experience; you could come out a whole lot better than before you ever did.

It becomes an opportunity to build a solid foundation to build your life.

Rock bottom can be a reflection of who you really are and those around you 

Your faith, character and values manifest as well as those around you when you hit rock bottom; you see who’s really there for you. 

“Real is who is sitting next to you at rock bottom.” – Anonymous. 

The key is never to quit 

It could have been worse. Sometimes you think you’ve hit rock bottom several times before until when you “really” hit rock bottom. You can still turn your situation into a positive light even if you’re at rock bottom. 

Once you get out of this phase, it makes you realize that there’s a lot of beauty around the world – every day and to enjoy little things. 

Practical strategies to prevent reaching or leaving rock bottom

1) Decide the consequence of a staying at rock-bottom is not worth the feeling of hopelessness or any short term pleasure (addictions). 

2) Create and stick to healthy routines such as morning routines that kick starts your day for winning 

3) Take control of your mind – mindset is everything

4) Step up your knowledge. Fill up your mind with the right information always. Even the Bible acknowledges that “faith cometh by hearing.” 

5) Relieve stress via better habits 

E.g music, reading, praying, calling a friend 

6) Get better perspectives 

Travel if you need to.  Read wide. Build your faith. 

7) Have an accountability partner 

Invest in a coach earlier than you need to.  Don’t forget to build good relationships with safe people. 

8) Choose discipline. Realize that you’re going to go through tough times in life and decide not to make the same mistakes twice. As discipline is a skill you can develop and master over time.  

9) Appreciate the little things - 

 Once you leave your darkest moments you tend not to take for granted the  little things you were ignoring.

10) Choose to associate with quality people. Hard times will always reveal true friends.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and the first step is to get the right attitude.

YOU are responsible for the condition that YOU are in.

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