How to build Self-discipline: Benefits & Importance in your life

How to build Self-discipline: Benefits & Importance in your life

Almost all major breakthroughs & success in life comes from self-discipline. 

In building self-discipline, 100% is easier than 90% because once you get the momentum going it's a lot easier to manage and keep it at a steady pace...than trying to regain momentum. 

Self-discipline is doing what you should do whether you feel like or not.

You need discipline to do things that helps you reach your goal. Most of us know the right choices to make but enjoy our comfort zones; enjoy excuses because it’s easy. You don’t need more motivation to make the right choices all you need is a commitment. 

Self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. 

Take control of your mind. “The price of greatness is Responsibility over your thoughts.” – Winston Churchill.

Develop a real life purpose or why

You’re more likely to discipline yourself when you know why you do the things you do. Often, we don't stick with something because we aren't connected, at the core, with why we're even putting ourselves through the pain, to begin with. Whether it is business or a hobby or anything really without a clear "why" you won't be able to sustain productive habits

Once you find your why – you can be more accountable for your own actions. Then it comes back to the question of how badly do you want it - you need to want something bad enough to do what it takes to get there.

Our lives are the result of our own choices. Sometimes it's very hard (almost impossible!) to do it ourselves In that case, get someone to keep you accountable

4) Don't try to change immediately.

Start off with micro steps each day, write down and celebrate your wins. Add on habit at a time and do it slowly. Pick one thing to do and decide to do it daily, commit to it and do it every day, consistently. You will need to become very self-aware (so you’ll notice if you’ve stopped) and it should probably be something you care about. Over time you will develop, improve, and learn all that self-discipline requires of you or time would pass, you’ll do it every day, and you’ll realize you had it all along. 

There are a lot of things you have to discipline yourself on. Some of which could be: 

1. Your finances: 

Building wealth starts from training your mind.

It's important to control your spending on irrelevances and avoid spending to impress others. Make your financial decisions for long-term not short-term. 

Invest in reliable companies, savings will keep your money but investment grows your money.

“The way you lose is by getting worried about a great company’s short-term hiccup rather than buying on the dip and being a partner with that business for years and decades.”

2. Your Sexual health

I saw a post on twitter on self-control by Lovers' Guide

"Low value women seek attention with their bodies.

Weak men give them attention."

This hit me so much; it’s very important to control your body 

3. Your health

Your health is far too important not to pay attention to unless they it goes wrong. It starts with what you put in your body and how you move your body. You should take food that has a lot of nutritional value. Exercise regularly. Don't take things that you know would affect you on the long run.

4. Career/building a business 

Self-discipline by the owner is amongst the most important reasons why businesses fail. Every challenging business demands self-discipline. 

How to improve your Self Discipline

1) Know your triggers 

To any habit you’re trying to change; there are triggers known as cues that entice you and you’re aware about. Instead fo falling prey to these cues unknowingly; you can identify these cues and decided to take positive action. 

2) Build solid habits 

Start building structure - it gets easier then because you don't allow yourself to digress too much. 

Realize and accept that willpower is limited – create ritual such as morning rituals – key among them is to do the hardest task first thing in the morning. Create ritual habits that will reinforce your way to your goals and accomplishments. You’re going to fail when your habits don’t match your aspirations.  

If you’re not getting the results you want in any area of your life in the first place you need to have a closer look at your habits and routine. – Karin Knoetze 

Self-discipline is doing that help you reach your goal or become successful whether you feel like it or not.

3) Make your Environment work for you

Create a positive easy to do physical supportive environment. When you identify your triggers within your environment which is a continuous process decide how you can minimize the effect those cues have on you. 

Taking these out and deciding to live without them can be a life saver. 

4) Raise the bar 

When you lower the bar to do things you’ve decided not to do because of their negative effects they pose on your life; you open room for guilt, regret and more cover-ups. 

How to become more self-disciplined? Double down on stuff you hate to do and do them.

But don’t allow yourself fall into the guilt trap. 

“Every time we fall or make mistakes; we gotta get back up and fight on.” - Crae 

Benefits of Self-discipline 

Improve your relationship with yourself as it’s the ultimate self-love. 

It what makes you to be gradually better and better every day that passes in whatever you want.


Self-discipline is an everyday thing. No one has it fully figured out. You keep practicing; raising the bar and you get better at it.

It remains a struggle for almost everyone 

If you can’t do it by yourself. Find someone that won’t take your BS & get them to be your accountability partner.

Make your Environment work for you. Take out cues that add no positive value to your life. 

Identify the source of your emotions. Why are you taking an insult from a stranger online personally? 

Ask God for help and to reveal the things that hold you back. 

You need discipline to keep a business in "the game and to even "play" in the business game today. .

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