Insecurities drain out your energy

Insecurities drain out your energy

If you don’t take hold of your insecurities they’ll scoop out all your energy. One day you’re full of confidence but the next day your insecurities are eating you alive. 

Sometimes we feel the need to let “haters” know we made it.  That feeling of “they were wrong – I was right.” 

That business your close friends, family and contemporaries thought cannot be enough to feed a family is now making bank and you feel the need to let the whole world know. Except of course you’re doing it out of motivation to others. 

When you take the time to think through what you say always – a lot may be due to insecurity. 

It also happens to parents. They hustled so hard to make it – and now they’re living large they don’t want their kids to undergo any form of suffering – and give them all they ask so they won’t pass though anything they passed through.

The question is not whether these actions are good or bad. 

But how much of it is due to feeling unsecured about the present, future and what others say about you.  

Insecurity can feed so much on emotions such as fear and hate. 

When you ask questions all day instead of taking actions; you’re feeding on your fears. 

When you have to tell others how much money you make or spend unnecessarily you’re feeding on your insecurity.

Insecurity about who your partner talks easily kills relationship.

Debating strangers online stems from insecurity and uncertainty.

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Nobody has everything all figured out. 

1) Find your why

A solid why would help you align with your purpose instead of focusing on material things to brag about? 

2) Be aware of your insecurity and don’t make fun of others insecurities

Got to stay away from people who expose your insecurities as a joke infront of others! Often at times, hate is born from insecurities that some are unable to overcome from within.

3) Think Growth – stay hungry and you’ll always think growth. When you feel you’ve arrived, you leave no room for growth. 

4) Discipline and humble yourself 

Ego is hardly out of humility and indiscipline manifests itself easily in how you act. 

With discipline you can control yourself no matter how much you have in your bank account. The key is unless you’re motivating someone into joining or succeeding in a business; you have no business bragging about how much you make.  

5) Think Abundance

With abundance, you realize anybody can make it with consistency, discipline and hardwork. Do you really feel you or your industry is special? Think again, because any can succeed by just putting their minds in what they do. 

6) Ditch unnecessary competition 

Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by other people’s projections. Don’t aim for Competition, aim for value.

“Life is a competition with yourself – not others. And if you want to win, you must make it easy for yourself.”

Like Peter Thiel says - Competition is for Losers.  

7) Be a Giver

The cure for insecurity about wealth is giving. no one has ever become poor by giving! Generosity does help.

8) Let go 

Freedom from insecurities is found in letting go. Let go from what you think should happen. 

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. 

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