No matter what life throws at you never give up

No matter what life throws at you never give up


Sometimes in life you’re going to undergo some difficult moments. 

Times when you hardly understand what’s going on. 

Sometimes you may be struggling just to keep your head above the water. 

When maintaining a net “zero” rather than going negative is all you seek. 

It may happen in your business, maintaining a relationship instead of parting ways, making difficult choices.

Take for example in terms of finance, all the wealthy people I know of have in one time or the other lost enormous amount of money. Most times, it’s large enough that “normies” cannot believe they could make it all back. But they did and have done better.  

Be kind to your future self   

Consistent efforts beats perfection

It could be the start of a new career or when you engage in something you’re not really used. 

You don’t really know what each day brings. What progress you might make. 

Everyone says you should be consistent; put in the work, never give up. 

What if they’re right

Your consistent effort to keep going can pay off more than the delusion of always expecting consistent results. 

Fact is the former is within your control, while the latter is not. And it’s wisdom to focus on what’s within your control.

That’s the key to increasing your chances of hits, flows and boosting your confidence in yourself.  

Don’t give up. Keep going. 

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