Rethinking what it means to be wealthy

Rethinking what it means to be wealthy

How much money do you really need? 

A lot. 

And a lot more. 

If that’s your answer, you’re in for a long thing. 

Fact is there’s hardly any point money can satisfy anyone. 

The decision to decide how much money you really need is made out of discipline, gratitude and wisdom. 

And like any decision made out of discipline, the reward usually far exceeds the sacrifice. 

My favourite example is Vishien and his wife of Mindvalley quitting his job at a point where he decided $4000 a month (as at then) was enough to provide for him & his family and deciding to quit his job when his side hustle could make such amount. 

If he never for once thought of how much was enough; he probably wouldn’t have built Mindvalley to where it is today.   

Imagine a person that has much spending problems and each time he’s asked how much money he really needs to be satisfied – he responds with “zero- expenses go up with your bank account.” 

It sounds smart at the moment but long term is nothing but a trap. 

First, the idea that your expenses go up with how much you make is true but still under your control.

 You can decide to cook your own food, live in a smaller apartment for a while, cancel most subscriptions; save up for the period of time needed.

Second is rethinking what you know as fortune. Wealth is not just found in money; but good health, being present, mental health, clarity, in self-care etc. 

Third, realize that Happiness is within 

No job, purchase or amount you make would make you happy forever as they are ephemeral. The only true happiness is within.  

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It also applies to career choice

Don’t make a career mistake solely for money:

Contrary to popular opinion, when making a career choice; don’t go for what you’re not interested in solely because of the status or money it promises. 

Don't become a victim of your success 

Even if you love what you do… success without control is failure as you become a victim of your own success.

When you have no time for your own health or making time with family, or friends, you can easily burn out. 

Take the time today, be intentional about your choices. 

What’s more important?

It’s who you’re becoming that matters a lot. Not what you have or earn.

Its not about being something you’re not, it’s about becoming who you really are

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