"Start from Zero" Book Review: Build your own Business

"Start from Zero" Book Review: Build your own Business

Ever come across posts like this on social media: 

“I am trying to get started as a digital entrepreneur…lost my job, my marriage, someone fell sick in the family. I have applied everywhere for a job but no luck…where can I start? ” 

What if you could actually start from Zero? 

Dane Maxwell was able to emphasize with this book Start From Zero: Build Your Own Business & Experience True Freedomthat to build a successful business; you don’t need: 

- A genius idea 

- Money 

- Experience 

- Confidence 

All you need is to focus on generating results for someone. 

An Entrepreneur’s role is simply to connect the customer to his expected result using a mechanism.

The #1 business 101 secret – find someone with a problem; build a business around it. 

This book would teach you the five traits you need as an Entrepreneur: 

  1. Creativity – innovate 
  2. Social self-esteem – initiate conversations 
  3. Diligence – work hard 
  4. Fairness – integrity 
  5. Altruism – consideration 

While these traits are common in Entrepreneurs – you also find that all Entrepreneurs have time freedom

And can work by Choice. 

The most important question to ask yourself daily to gain financial freedom and independence is "Did I build an Equity today?" 

Equity is "ownership in something that can produce cash or be sold without your Direct time on a day-day basis."

That's what separate the "Employee mindset" vs the "Equity mindset"   

Remember, the heart of an Entrepreneur can’t be stopped by anything.

Want to build a business from zero? Get the book herehttps://amzn.to/3oD22JB 


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