Why you need to Follow Your Heart to Live the Life You Want

Why you need to Follow Your Heart to Live the Life You Want

Most people still got their mindset backwards towards wealth and fulfillment.

"Make sure you get money.

Build a house. 

Buy a nice car 

Take care of your family."

Are the most important advices they give about career.  

But I know better – wealth is not a nice car or house; it’s freedom. Freedom to do things that add value and meaning to your life; taking care of your family inclusive. 

I love and live by this saying “Broke money make money to spend and impress others. Wealthy people make money to buy time and freedom.”

You don’t have to wait until you death bed; most of us have a better chance to get it right.

Follow your heart 

Success is following your own path and doing what you love to do. 

If you’re young, still in your 20s you got time as you still have time to recover from any risk you take; it’s the perfect moment to: 

Take chances, follow your heart, make mistakes and take the time to learn from them.

Making money is important. Learn how money works and invest into your future. 

Build a business or work where & for who you love to work for.  Take the focus away from how can I make money to how can I serve.  

But remember, once you exceed your necessity, income won’t increase your happiness. 

Surprising thing is - you don't need a lot to reach that. 

Gotta fix your issues at the foundational level

Enjoying the process, valuing deeper connections with family & friends, investing in experiences & make sure you take care of your health and body. 

Nurturing your soul is the best way to think long term – don’t ignore your spiritual life. 

Drink lots of water especially at mornings and move your body daily. Lift weights and stay physically active. Remember what you eat is the #1 contributor to a vibrant health so focus on whole & Real foods.  

On sexual health – avoid masturbation. As it can be a time to have a family & raise kids if it works out early for you. 

Start investing in your 20s and you’ll be on your way to financial freedom.

99% of what makes you poor is done to impress others. 

Avoid bad influences from wherever they are coming from. Literally stop worrying about what other people are thinking. Stop comparing yourself with other people especially on social media as you are on a different path, timetable and have different experiences than everyone around you. 

The only person you should compare yourself with is who you were yesterday.

Choose to weed out limiting beliefs that are keeping you down and go for empowering beliefs.

What you believe about the world tends to become true to you e.g. if you have as a fundamental belief that “money is the root of all evil” – you may never get rich.

Believe in yourself.  There’s nothing stopping you from reaching your full potential. 

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